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      Abrasion Resistant Plates



    Low alloy abrasion resistant plates are developed on the basis of high strength low alloy structural steel, which are made by directly quenching and tempering after rolling, or be controlled rolling and enhanced cooling technology. Their alloy elements are low, with high hardness surface, strong wear resistance. They also have a fixed processing property.



    Ⅱ Main characteristics

    To use high surface hardness of abrasion resistant plates under the extreme environment condition, we can effectively prevent the crack, sag, wear and tear, in the same time can prolong the service life of the product to 2 or 3times, sometimes even 10 times.

    International leading mills use the high purity raw materials, unique quenching process and reasonable deployment of chemical composition, to guarantee the uniform and stable performance, so that the useful life of product predictability. Then help you arrange the production plan properly.

    In addition to the excellent performance, high quality abrasion resistant plates are also easy to welding, cutting and bending.

    Different manufacturers can product different production to meet their special working conditions and demands, so we focus on satisfying the customer’s subtle requirements.