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                Super Dyma

    Ⅰ Brand  

    SuperDyma (hereinafter referred as SD) is a new type of highly corrosion-resistant coated steel sheet with a coating composition consisting of zinc as the main substrate in combination with aluminum (about 11%), magnesium (about 3%) and a trace amount of silicon. Which is a highly corroison-resistant sheet steel developed by  Nippon Steel Corporation in  the begining of 2000, now the mill new name is  Nippon Steel & Sumitomo Metal Corporation Group(calles it NSSMC for short).

    SD is mainly used in civil engineering and construction (porous plate), agriculture and livstock, railways and roads, electric power and telecommunication ( transmission and distribution, high and low voltage switch cabinet, the case of box-type transformer substation) , automotive and electric machinery, industrial refrigeration (large outdoor air conditioning) and other industries. With outstanding red-rust resistance, SD can be a substitute for galvanized sheet, aluminum zinc, hot dipped zinc plating and stainless steel in many industrials, is the best corrosion-resistant sheet product in the 21st century.

    Beijing Capital Metal International trade Co., LTD.( hereinafter referred as CM)  has been designated the agent in China by NSSMC, also is the largest seller of inventory.  CM already has a good cooperation around 10years with NSSMC since 2004, our sales industry is very extensive and has a considerable influence in the field of coating sheets. 



    Ⅱ  Manufactory Introduction - NSSMC

    Established in October 2012 by the merger of Nippon Steel Corporation and Sumitomo Metal Industries, Ltd., Nippon Steel & Sumitomo Metal Corporation (NSSMC) is the world-leading integrated steel producer, in order to enhance the competitiveness in global markets, Now NSSMC has eight plants and, its crude steel production is the first in Japan, the second largest in the world next to ArcelorMittal.

    As NSSMC gold strategic products, SD has a high popularity in the world, which can solve the corrosion problems for many enterprises. 





    Ⅲ Quality Characteristics


    1. Excellent corrosion resistance:

    Coating Layer Composition and Corrosion Resistance (Salt Spray Tests)

    The corrosion resistance of SD (assessed by salt-spray tests to determine corrosion rate) is extremely high—about 3-8 times that of hot-dip galvanized sheets & Aluzink sheet and about 10-30 times that of post-coated sheet.

    2. Mechanism of corrosion inhibition of cut-end face:

    A cut-end face of SD with protective film covers the entire cut-end face, this protective film is low in electric conductivity and capable of arresting corrosive reactions of the cut-end face. Moreover, silicon contained in the galvanized –coating layer acts to accelerate the formation of such protective films. No need any other post-treatment. This characteristics is close to stainless steel, its comprehensive price can be used instead of stainless steel.

    3. The coating layer of SD is very compact and smooth; Coating layer of SD is very hard, the hardness (125HV) more than 2.5 times that post-coated galvanized (50HV), with excellent scratch resistance.

    4. Surface treatment: surface treatment of SD does not contain trivalent/hexavalent chromium and other heavy metal ions, can conform to international environmental standards (ROHS), which is the internationally recognized environmental protection product. SD is very popular in the field of environmental protection.

    5. Processing performance: SD processing performance is stable, when bending, punching won't cause the problem such as coating fracture or fall off, at the same time it can guarantee no any reducing corrosion resistance performance in bending and punching.

    6. Specification:

    Coating mass: 60-275g/m2 

    Plate thickness: 0.27-9.0mm

    Width: 580-1700mm